5-Factor Personality Traits and the Workplace


Know the natural preferences of people, by measuring their big personality traits.


To power lending by financial institutions, we use alternative data and innovative technology. Our application collects and analyzes non-traditional information about borrowers to better forecast their likelihood of default. Financial institutions are traditionally good at analysing  capacity, capital, collateral and conditions in the classical 5Cs model of credit appraisal. But they find it difficult to assess the character aspect of the 5Cs. Capacity, capital and collateral indicate the borrower's 'ability to pay', these factors are unable to indicate the 'willingness to way' side of the borrower. Cognitt BCS steps in to fill this gap and forms a credible tool to quantify character.

Similarly, to assist managers in optimising their human resources, we measure competences. Better knowledge of competenses of their team members helps HR managers find the best fits, thus allowing employees to do more of what they do best and less of what have to strain to accomplish. To be successful in the workplace, where one has to work in teams and despite teams, requires balancing of muliple domains - rationality, productive emotions, team-orientation and balance. Our suite of psychometric tests power HR managers in achieving this balance for their organisations.

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Human Capital Optimisation


People have been interested in personality for thousands of years; it is crucial to working together.  In 450 B.C., the Greek physician Hippocrates suggested that individual biology affects the way humans act. In the early 1900s, psychologists theorized that individuals have innate psychological types and preferred behaviors. Many of the popular methodologies in the marketplace today are based on this idea. 

Everyone has four broad systems of underlying personality but the intensity and specific traits are different in each person. It is the unique mix of the systems that comprise one's individual personality. Find your own personality traits by taking a simple test.

Cognitt FF-Jobs

You will get an indicative score of your rationality at the end of the quiz. There are 20 topical questions, apart from the ones on demographics. Moving to next page auto-saves your responses. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. 

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Are Your People Emotionally Balanced?

Research in psychology and economics has found that human beings are systematically irrational. Not only do they misjudge situations, but they do it in fairly regular patterns. Fortunately, as Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman says, “we can improve our ability to identify and understand errors of judgment and choice in others, and eventually in ourselves”.

If we all fall prey to cognitive errors, knowing these can help us avoid them. Discover some of your own cognitive biases by a simple test. This short sample test is free, no credit card required.

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