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Our consultants have been in practice for decades, and they would love to be of assistance.

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We understand the pulse of modern technology and behavioral research, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own strategic approaches — all to give our patrons exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

Based out of Navi Mumbai, we are a virtual office with partners across India. With our professional presence in all major cities in India, we provide research, analytics and consulting services to financial institutions, businesses, households and firms all over India. 

Our firm specializes in economics, technology, psychology, banking and strategy. Whether you’re a bank, IT professional, engineer, or a small business owner, we will not only faciltate what you do, but also help you stay ahead of your competitors. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every assignment and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. 

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Please be as detailed as possible. Include your industry along with any specific problems. To help us best service your enquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. You may also email us to make an appointment.

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Based out of Navi Mumbai, we are a virtual office with partners across India.

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