Domain Knowledge. Psychology. Technology.
We bring together domain knowledge, psychology and technology. From public policy to banking policy, from social psychology to data analytics. Whatever is the problem. What is its real locus? Can technology help?

From regulatory insights to big data, from macro views to brass tacks.

We can help.


Let's Speed Things up for You, Shall We?

Regulatory Compliance Services for banks. Regulatory Advisory for central banks.

Experience. Passion. Diligence.
Our experts have decades of hands on experience in banking regulation and supervision. Whatever be the nature of the issues - regulatory, government, competition, staff - we are prepared.

& Innovation

Data Analytics and Behavioral Metrics

Business Analytics, Customer Preferences, Choice Behaviour, Choice Architecture, Financial Behaviour, Risk Orientation, Loss Aversion 


Assessing capacity, capital, collateral and conditions is rather straight forward. But it is much harder to assess the character. That is where we step in.

Management Consulting, Psychology of Financial Decision Making. Business Research.
Improving Financial decisions
With businesses becoming ever so complex, your organisation needs a management consultant and you need a strategic partner. As your partner, think of us as your real life Jeeves, the 'omniscient' digital assistants. We will have an answer to your problems. If not, we'll find one. You can rely on us

Economics and Ethics

Competence Management


Competence Mapping

Assessment Centre, 5Factor-Profile, Cognitive Colour, Cognitt-360

Know your strengths and weaknesses. You might possess an army of talented personnel. But if you don't exactly know who excels in what, the talent is like gold buried under the earth. So, unearth the hidden talents.


Competence Development

Development Centre, Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling

Keeping your personnel in battle ready conditions take a lot of work. You lead your business and focus on its strategy. Leave the nitty gritty of human capital development to us. We will engage with them and equip them.



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