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Cognitt is a collective (like Wikipedia), run by experts who volunteer their time and expertise. Currently we are enrolling only for the Consulting Experts and Interns positions. Interns work part time, on honorary basis. Consulting experts work on a revenue sharing arrangement. More details on terms and conditions of enrolment of experts can be found here. Our processes are cloud based, and our staff enjoy the flexibility of working from a place of their choice.

Presently we are a start up and our incorporation as a limited liability partnership (LLP) is planned for 2018. We are entirely free from external funding. 



Experts & Interns

Terms & Conditions

Consulting Experts

Accounts & Tax, Advisory, Business Development, Client Relations, Consulting, Legal, Reports, Research


The incumbents are expected to have extensive experience and expertise in their respective domain. Only persons having proven track record will be considered.


  • Experience and proven expertise in the domain
  • Has an abiding interest in the domain 
  • Ph.D in relevant field will be an advantage

Depending on their expertise and inclination, incumbents will be expected to lead consulting projects, advise clients, lead research projects and write articles, blog posts, book reviews, analytical pieces, perspecttives and commentaries.

They should posses extensive knowledge of the multiple domains such as law, taxation, economics, psychology, social thought, politics, banking, finance, international relations, trade, agriculture and employment. Persons having published works will be prefered.


Associate Experts

Accounts & Tax, Advisory, Business Development, Client Relations, Consulting, Legal, Reports, Research


The requirements for Associate Experts are the same as those for Consulting Experts. The difference lies in the business procument and compensation structure only. View Terms and Conditions for experts here. Talented experts stand a chance to get inducted as Partners in due course.



The incumbents will be expected to assist Experts in their work. Interns should posses good knowledge of their domain of interest. Scholars still in college or just passed out will be considered. Talented Interns can hope to get absorbed as Experts in due course.


  • Holds a graduate degree or, is in an advanced stage of acquiring one
  • Has an abiding interest in the chosen domain 

Future Openings





The incumbents will be responsible for managing the website, phone calls, emails. They will manage general coordination among partners, heads of verticals, experts and staff. The responsibilities also include business development, housekeeping, client services, client relations, housekeeping and general supervision.


Heads of verticals

Consulting, Advisory, Research


The incumbents will lead the business growth of the respective vertical. The posts are positioned at a tactical level and the incumbent will be expected to provide vision and strategy to the vertical for a consistent healthy growth. The core value of the division is to exceed client expectations at all times with highest emphasis on quality of our deliveries.