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Our cloud based processes make it easy for you to work from any place of your choice. We believe that when people work on what they enjoy doing, work becomes its own reward. It becomes their joy, their purpose of life. Our job is to match the work with the worker. The rest just happens. 

Partners @ Cognitt

Cognitt is run by freelancing experts. We are structured as a limited liability partnership. Consultants and associates can be on-boarded either as individual partners or as member firms (proprietary/partnership).

Partners and member firms operate under the Cognitt umbrella platform through a revenue sharing arrangement.

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Currently on-boarding the following. 
Incumbents are expected to have extensive experience and expertise in their respective domain(s). Only persons having proven track record need apply. Usually our consultants and associates work on a revenue sharing basis. For more details, click on the Set an Appointment button below. Candidates need to complete a personality inventory (My-5-Factor) before they set up an appointment. My-5-Factor can be taken here. Note that the test-key is pre-filled.


Regulatory Compliance, Social Economy, Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Banking, Insurance, Data Analytics, HR Management, Research, Accounting, Taxation, Foreign Exchange, Payment Systems



  • Experience and proven expertise in the domain(s) of interest
  • Has an abiding interest in the domain(s) 

Consultants are partners, who are looking for a second innings in their professions. They bring in substantive work experience and/or domain knowledge.

Consultants typically work on as-per-need basis. They can choose to take up projects on turn-key basis and a flat rate remuneration. Alternatively, they can put in billable hours, while our support staff provide technical and secretarial assistance. 


Business Sourcing, Client Relations, Research, Web Posting, Social Media Management, Legal Compliance, Project Management, Reporting



  • Experience and proven expertise in the domain(s) of interest
  • Has an abiding interest in the domain(s) 

Associates are partners too, who work on near full-time basis. Typically they are younger professionals, who wish to make it a career and aspire to become managing partners some day. 

For more information set up an appointment .


Young scholars who are keen to make a beginning, but lack the requisite experience may apply for the position of Interns and learn on the job.

Member Firms 

For Representative Offices in all Indian states, major cities



  • Should be a registered partnership or propietary firm
  • Should be willing to federate with the Cognitt umbrella firm and work as a member firm, while remaining an independent legal entity.

To begin with Rep-offices will perform as critical centres of business promotion and liaisoning in their respective regions, While the Cognitt umbrella promotes the brand at national and international levels, Rep-offices will serve as Cognitt brand ambassadors for their regions.

These offices are, however, independent member firms, each a separate legal entity, and they operate for/under the Cognitt umbrella on a revenue sharing basis.

If you are promoter of a firm that fits the above bill, set up an appointment for an exploratory meeting.


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