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Research in economics and psychology has shown that human beings can be systematically irrational, even as they believe they are not. Why do people fall into such behavioral hazards?

Not only do they misjudge situations, but they do it in fairly regular patterns. Fortunately, as Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman says, “we can improve our ability to identify and understand errors of judgment and choice, in others and eventually in ourselves. An accurate diagnosis may suggest an intervention to limit the damage that bad judgments and choices often cause”.

Why do people make systematic errors of judgment? What are cognitive biases? Wikipedia lists about 175 biases that afflict our judgments and decisions (read more about biases here). Can we find out whether these biases are affecting our human capital? If so how can we arrest their effects?

Our professionals could help you identify cognitive biases that impair your organisational efficiency, and help build a choice archetecture where cognitive errors can be stopped before they take place. 


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